1979 Steelers vs Bills (Dec 16, 1979)      


1979 Season

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1979 Steelers 28 vs Bills 0

The Steelers throttle the Bills in the regular season finale to clinch their 6th straight division title in dominating fashion, outgaining Buffalo 415-156. The Bills the game by driving to the Steelers 14 yard line only to have a FG attempt blocked by Joe Greene, and Buffalo never comes close to scoring again.

Defensively, the Steelers are all over Joe Ferguson, forcing 3 INTs while giving up nothing on the ground. Lambert in particular plays like a man possessed, body slamming running backs (1:03:16), breaking up passes and creating mayhem all over the field.

While the Steeler offense sleepwalks at times, turning the ball over 4 times, they still manage to make scoring look ridiculously easy. After a Bahr missed FG, Swannie gets the scoring started with a patented leaping grab for a 20-yard TD. In the 2nd quarter, Bradshaw gets a nasty head laceration after losing his helmet and getting kicked in the head on a scramble for a key first down. But Terry misses only one play as the medical staff quickly bandages his head and sends him right back in to finish the TD drive (the first of Franco's 2 TDs en route to 100 yds).

The Steelers open the 3rd quarter by slicing through Buffalo like a warm knife through butter for an easy score (Thornton TD run) and the rout is on.

Game features future Steelers defensive coordinator Jim Haslett at LB for the Bills, includes Bryant Gumble's halftime highlights and also features a short live interview with two Steeler wives, Jo-Jo Starbuck (Bradshaw) and Bernadette Swann. :)

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