1978 Steelers 7 at Rams 10 Sunday Night Football
November 12, 1978
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1978 Steelers 7 at Rams 10 SNF
Second half only

A rare (for the era) Sunday night football game. Action begins in second half of this penalty-filled "Mud Bowl" when Swann makes a fantastic leaping grab in the back of the endzone (while being blatantly interferred with) for the first score of the game. L.A. strikes right back, moving quickly downfield for a FG and from there, the two best defenses in the league slug it out. With the Steelers continually pinned deep in their own territory, Cappelletti finally breaks a 26-yard run to set up a short Haden TD pass and a 10-7 Rams win. Features the top two defenses in the league at their best. 2nd half only with some edited huddles.

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