1978 Steelers 15 vs Browns 9 Overtime
September 24, 1978
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1978 Steelers 15 vs Browns 9 OT

The famous "flea-flicker" overtime game! Pittsburgh wins this hard-hitting defensive battle in OT on a play dubbed "High School Right" (but officially called "fake 84 reverse-gadget pass") when Bradshaw hands off to Bleier, who hands off to Swann, who pitches the ball back to Bradshaw, who throws a bomb to a wide-open Bennie Cunningham for the game-winning TD. And while that play is a highlight reel favorite and one of the most famous plays in Steeler history, there are plenty of other memorable moments in this classic.

Jack Lambert is ferocious and delivers one of his finest performances, capping an afternoon of excellence by making the biggest defensive play of the game, destroying the ball carrier for a loss in the final seconds of regulation to knock Cleveland out of FG range and send the game to overtime. L.C. Greenwood & Dwight White also shine on a day in which Pittsburgh's defense, emulating Lambert's "kill 'em all" attitude, is flagged for 4 personal fouls.

Offensively, Swann is the man, snagging 6 catches in a game where the rest of the offense does little. Swannie receives one of the most vicious shots I've ever seen in this game. While breaking toward the sideline to catch as pass, Swann reaches out to snare the ball when suddenly --- BAM!!! Ron Bolton leaves his feet and just CREAMS Swann with a shoulder to the head at full speed. Swann's entire body instantly snaps backward, his feet fly up in the air and he hits the ground with a sickening thud. NBC announcer Dick Enberg literally screams in horror and the crowd let's out an "ooohhh," but Swannie simply adjusts his face mask, bounces up & returns the the huddle.

Ultimately, the infamous Three Rivers Jinx rears its head to preserve a win for Pittsburgh. On the overtime kickoff, Larry Anderson stumbles, falls on one knee (but is not touched by a Brown), gets back up and fumbles the ball. The Browns recover and the Cleveland offense trots on the field, but the officials incorrectly rule Anderson down by contact and the Steelers keep possession. The rest is history as Bradshaw hits Cunningham on "High School Right" a few plays later.

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