1977 Steelers vs Browns (Nov 13, 1977)      


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1977 Steelers 35 vs Browns 31

An all-out aerial assault amidst huge snowflakes. :) Anyone who doubts that Lynn Swann & John Stallworth belong in the Hall of Fame needs to watch this amazing game.

The Browns score 1st on a Cockroft FG, but the Steelers explode for 28 unanswered points before the half. Swann & Stallworth are amazing, putting on a textbook display of how to make every kind of conceivable catch. Swann saves an 18-yarder by sliding on his knees at the sideline, and shortly thereafter hauls in a picture-perfect 39-yd TD bomb. Stallworth then breaks numerous tackles to turn a short pass into a 40-yd gain, followed by Swann's leaping 24-yd grab between two defenders at the 2 to set up a Bleier score. Stallworth then hauls in a beautiful 39-yd rainbow of a bomb for another TD, and Swann follows up with a diving, sliding, shoestring grab for a 25-yd gain to set up another score for a 28-3 halftime lead.

The snow starts flying in the second half and a Franco fumble sets up a Browns TD, but Stallworth puts the nail in Cleveland's coffin a few plays later with a 10-yd TD grab. Bradshaw finishes 13 of 21 for 283 yds and 3 TDs (before being knocked out of the game by a vicious blindside hit from Gerald Irons with 5 minutes remaining) with both Swann & Stallworth going over 100 yds, and Franco still manages to ramble for 99 yards and a TD amidst the aerial fireworks.

Trailing 35-10, the Browns fight gallantly behind reserve QB Dave Mays (Sipe is knocked out of the game with a season-ending shoulder injury), narrowing the final score to 35-31, but the outcome is never really in question.

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