1975 AFC Championship Steelers vs Raiders (TV synced w/Nelson & Wester) Jan 4, 1976      


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1975 AFC Championship Steelers 16 vs Raiders 10
NBC TV Broadcast synced w/Nelson & Wester (Mutual Radio)

We painstakingly synced this recording of the NBC TV broadcast with the iconic Mutual Broadcast radio call of the late, great Lindsey Nelson and Al Wester, making this brutal matchup between these two bitter rivals even better!

We've also sprinkled some of our own relevant stats, facts and commentary throughout the game.

To say there is bad blood in the fourth consecutive playoff meeting between the Steelers and Raiders would be an understatement. This is pure hatred at the height of a rivalry more bitter than the minus-10 windchill at kickoff.

For their part, the Raiders are full of cheap shots (one of which lands Lynn Swann in an ambulance with a severe concussion) and conspiracy theories about icy field conditions. But ultimately, it's the Steel Curtain, not the icy turf, that breaks the heart of Al Davis.

Aside from the 12 turnovers committed in this game (7 by Pittsburgh, 5 by Oakland), one of the most amazing stats is that the Raiders move the ball into Steeler territory 9 times through 3 quarters -- 5 times inside the 30 -- and have ZERO points to show for it.

Jack Lambert recovers a post-season record 3 fumbles and Mike Wagner intercepts 2 Stabler passes in a slugfest which leaves the Steelers clinging to a 3-0 lead after three quarters. But Pittsburgh's offense finds paydirt twice in the final period, first on a beautiful improvisational run by Frano Harris for a 25-yd score (keyed by an outstanding crackback block by John Stallworth) to extend their lead to 10-0, and finally icing the game (pun intended) on a 20-yd Bradshaw to Stallworth TD strike to put Pittsburgh up 16-7 late in the contest.

In the final moments of the game, Oakland keeps fighting, narrowing the score to 16-10 with a field goal and recovering the ensuing onside kick with just 7 seconds remaining. But time runs out on a 37-yd pass to Cliff Branch at the Steeler 15, and the Steelers advance to their second consecutive Super Bowl.

Note: There are two different versions of this game. This version is the NBC TV broadcast synced with the Mutual Broadcasting Radio call of the legendary Lindsey Nelson and Al Wester. The other version is the complete NBC broadcast (including many commercials and some pregame) with Curt Gowdy, Al DeRogatis and Don Meredith calling the game.

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