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Pre-Draft 2002: Molding the Future

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Leave YOUR Writing on the Wall! Send us your predictions, comments, & analysis about the 2001 draft. Whether your message is a simple "draft a QB" statement or detailed analysis, tell us what you think and we'll post it below.

Draft Class of 2002
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Kendall Simmons OG Auburn
Antwaan Randle el WR Indiana
Chris Hope S Florida St.
Larry Foote LB Michigan
Verron Hayes RB Georgia
Lee Mays WR Texas
Lavar Glover CB Cincinnati
Brett Keisel DE BYU
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Mock Drafts: Let's Pretend!
The Latest Mock Drafts from the... er... "Experts"

Our Draft Predictions
Who has what it takes to be a Steeler?

Mc-Mock Draft, Take One
We're Naming Names & Rounds
Article by McMillen & Wife

3/10/02 --- Everybody's got an opinion... but ours is correct, of course (as if). Here's our Steelers-only, "don't bet the farm on this" mock draft. Click on the player names for bios & analysis.

MVP Award
What position will the Steelers strengthen with their first-round draft pick?
 ( 30%)
 ( 28%)
 ( 18%)
 ( 11%)
 ( 7%)
None of the above
 ( 7%)
Position: Safety
Players: either Ed Reed (Miami) or Lamont Thompson (Washington St)

Position: Guard
Players: Terrance Metcalf (Mississippi)

Position: CB
Players: Mike Echols Wisconsin

Position: Linebacker
Player: Justin Ena (BYU)

I see lots of mock drafts projecting a LB in the first, but the draft is paper-thin for LBs this year. I doubt there will be any LBs or CBs left worth spending a first round pick on by Pittsburgh's 30th spot.

I think we'll definitely go O-Line in one of the early rounds, but there are enough quality guards (& tackles, too) in this draft to grab a solid player in the 2nd or 3rd. If O-line is the direction the Steelers wanna go first, I think they would do well to trade down a bit. I don't think they'll find anything in the late first-round that they couldn't pick up in the early-to-mid 2nd round.

Let us know what 'yins think!

Tim McMillen
Webmaster, McMillen & Wife

Author Comment
Jason P Re: Mc-Mock Draft: Rounds 1-4 (Steelers)
I think you're pretty on the money on your first two projections unless the Steelers trade down. Like you said, they probably won't lose much if they trade down a little, and I won't be surprised if they do just that. An early second rounder and a late 2nd rounder should be just fine plus whatever they get in trade.

Nate Rate Re: Mc-Mock Draft: Rounds 1-4 (Steelers)
we're definitely going to need a guard in the early rounds. i say we should sign ross, cut tylski (good savings there). don't let cleveland get holmes and ross!

SteelWarrior99 'Yer full of it, Mac
I like your site man but how can you possibly post mock drafts this early? You have no idea whta's going to happen with free agency yet, so what is th point? Sometimes I think you just like to hear your self talk.

Steelers Rule!

SteelWarrior99 I agree Nate --- cut Tylski!
Definitely cut Tylski and keep Ross, if for no other reason than to keep the Browns from getting him.

Brown and orange Bastards!

Andy Freeman Kiper projects Thompson
Mel Kiper has safety Lamont Thompson listed as his pick for the Stillers in his latest mock draft. His size & temperment make him ideal an ideal fit, and that injury you mentioned might make him drop low enough for the Steelers to grab him.

Knipp Re: Mc-Mock Draft: Rounds 1-4 (Steelers)
I saw where 3 of 4 writers on the CNN/SI mock draft predicted that the Steelers would draft a guard in the first round (2 of them picked Gourde). I presonally don't think Gourde will still be there. Your thoughts?

mcmillenandwife Re: 'Yer full of it, Mac
How can I post a mock draft? Dude, it's just for fun. If I was the only person on the face of the planet talking smak about the draft, maybe I could see your point. But there are mock drafts EVERYWHERE out there, including from ESPN, CNN/SI and the other big boys.

Cut me some slack, homey!


P.S.---I will concede that I do indeed "like to hear myself talk."

mcmillenandwife Re: Mc-Mock Draft: Rounds 1-4 (Steelers)
I dunno... he certainly seems like a logical choice if he's still on the board, but that's a big if. The guy I saw on that list that caught my eye was Dolezar choice of Terrence Metcalf (G, Mississipi). I think he'll be there. I think we could trde down a little and still get him, too, if the opportunity presents itself. I projected him as our 2nd round pick in my original post, but ensuing research leads me to believe he may not be there by the time our 2nd-round pick rolls around.

We'll see, eh?

Tim McMillen
Webmaster, McMillen & Wife

BenoZ10 Take a look at this guy!
Hey Mac, have you heard anything about Trev Faulk, Lb out of LSU. He sure sounds like a Steeler pick. I would not be surprised if he sneaks into the late 1st round! Also, Michael Lewis, safety out of Colorado has some nice upside to him. Please send oout any info you may have on these two! Thanks!!

Chris Justice Re: Mc-Mock Draft: Rounds 1-4 (Steelers)
I agree on taking a S 1st. 2nd I think they will stay with OL . There is a depth issue as well as Gandys age and he and Faneca are free agents next year. Two many what ifs there, a quality step- in stater for next year may be wise.I think 3rd and 4th may go either way, LB or CB,about the same need,depth issue.5th, I say a WR.Just a competent backup for insurance.WR may be a higher pick next year.6th, OL, again, we lost a couple of backups as well as the above stated reasons.7th, prabably a fullback since we have no backup for Kreider.

PS. Love your site, its laid out well and packed with (updated) information. Keep up the good work.


Steelers Draft Needs
Depth a Concern on Defense
Article by McMillen & Wife

3/2/02 --- Sorry, no firm predictions from Mac & Wife just yet... WAAAY too early, especially with the fate of several key free agents still up in the air.

Having said that, there ARE a few areas that jump out at me where the Steelers might consider focusing their attention.

They are (in alphabetical order):

Cornerback: Yes, if things remain as they are, our starters (DeWayne Washington and Chad Scott) are very good-to-excellent, and our backups are solid. But if either (or God forbid, BOTH) DeShea Townsend & Jason Simmons leave via free agency, we've got a serious depth problem, because neither Poteat nor Logan have what it takes to start. If one of the top 3 CBs are left by the 30th pick, it would be tough to pass them up.

Linebacker: More depth issues here, folks. Yes, Gildon is sewn up, but Earl Holmes is all but lost to free agency, and Joey Porter could be gone after he becomes unrestricted next year (hopefully, we find a way to get him signed to a long-term deal before then). Of course, Kendrell Bell is secure... but last time I checked, you need FOUR outstanding LBs to run a 3-4 scheme. So what if we resigned Fiala? I hardly think he's a suitable replacement for Holmes, nor are Clark Haagans, Mike Jones or Justin Kurpeikis (a special teamer, in reality). The draft class for LBs is a bit thin, but I won't be too surprised if we go that route.

Offensive Line: Hey, if there happens to be a stud offensive lineman available, why not? Starting guard Rich Tyslki is servicable, but far from great. Roger Duffy is gone (cut to buy room under cap), and names like Chukky Okobi, Oliver Ross, Mathias Nkwenti, Keydrick Vincent don't exactly engender much confidence when you consider that BOTH Alan Faneca (a Pro Bowler) and Wayne Gandy (who SHOULD have been a Pro Bowler) have only a year left on their contracts. Plus, there are plenty of solid players at both guard and tackle in this year's draft.

Safety: I love Lee Flowers. He's solid, but he was a bit injury-prone last season and certainly isn't the speediest guy on the field. Brent Alexander, the other starter, isn't really bad but leaves a bit to be desired as both a tackler and a cover man. Myron Bell is a decent backup who is a hard hitter and a hard worker, but he misses WAY too many tackles and lacks speed. Mike Logan actually came up with some nice picks late in the season if memory serves, but again, I wouldn't want him as a starter. So, since the 2002 draft is loaded with a lot of quality safeties, it's certainly something to think about (although, in a perfect world we would resign Rod Woodson at league minimum, eh?).

So there 'ya have it. Obviously, we'll zero in on our draft needs much more as Draft day nears, but for now, there's a little food for thought. Chew on it awhile and let us know what 'yins think.

Tim McMillen
Webmaster, McMillen & Wife

P.S.--By the way, the mock drafts are all a-buzz that the Steelers are going to draft a tight end in the first round.

Forget about it.

Bruener is outstanding, and the Steelers also tendered offers to both backups, Tuman and Cushing.

Author Comment
SamIAm Re: Premature Draft Musings: Depth a Concern on Defense
If Woodson ever signs as a Steeler again, it will be for half an hour on the day he retires. Besides, I think there's too much bad blood between him and the current Steelers after the Hines Ward thing.

I can't argue with your logic about the depth on defense being a problem, but I still thin a tight end is possible. Does anyone have a progress report on Bruener's recovery?

It will be here sooner than let's get moving? Any draft day mine are:

DE/DT Kenyon Coleman from UCLA , 6-6 , 275 pounds
He has great size and has a good wingspan to go with it, he will get his share of batted balls at the line of scrimmage. He has great strength, especially in the upper body and has shown that he can be effective even when double-teamed.

LB Rocky Calmus from Oklahoma - 6-3 - 235 pounds
Calmus shows excellent play recognition skills and can provide a lot of support in stopping the running game. Calmus has sound tackling technique. Uses his hands well and gets good leverage when fighting through blocks. Has marginal speed and is pretty good against the pass.

CB Quentin Jammer from Texas , 6-0 , 195 pounds
There is no argument heading into the draft regarding who the best cornerback available is. Jammer is a complete cornerback that can play a variety of different styles. The best asset Jammer has is his closing speed. Jammer is very physical at the line of scrimmage. Jammer has terrific size and hands and has everything else you want in a cornerback, he will be the type of corner who in three years can take away the side of a football field.

AND OH PLEASE, OH PLEASE, I WISH I COULD HAVE: RB William Green from Boston College, 6-1, 215 I went to see him play Syracuse this year in the Dome. Too words: HOLY CRAP! This guy is the real deal! Please, oh please let him slip to 30!

Go Steelers!


Swanson Draft a TE, dammit!
Nah, I say cut Bruener, free up the cap room, and draft a TE. Bruener gets lots of positive press, but wht has he really done?

gspook draft
I think getting Woodson back would be huge for the steelers. He can play safety and is much better than Brett Alexander, not to mention he is probably faster than all four of the current starters and he knows the system.

In the draft I would go after Roy Williams from OU he is awesome and a great tackler I have seen him play on many occassions and he is the real deal. He has linebacker size with defensive back speed.

Also, we can get a tight end in the draft in the later rounds, all we need is a guy who can block unless we decide to go after Graham or Wistrom they are more pass catching tight ends. I think we really need to go after stud offensive lineman that can beat people down.

ToothNNail Re: Premature Draft Musings: Depth a Concern on Defense
Looks like Mac was right about not drafting a TE. I say we get a safety (Ed Reed will probably be available) or CB (Keyuo Craver). At the very least, we need depth at both postitions, and the draft class is pretty solid at both positions this year.

Much More Coming Soon!

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